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Honoring Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW): Books and eBooks

Use this guide to research and locate resources on the epidemic of Missing Murdered Indigenous Persons

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If I Go Missing

Combining graphic fiction and non-fiction, this young adult graphic novel serves as a window into one of the unique dangers of being an Indigenous teen in Canada today. The text of the book is derived from excerpts of a letter written to the Winnipeg Chief of Police by fourteen-year-old Brianna Jonnie -- a letter that went viral and was also the basis of a documentary film. In her letter, Jonnie calls out the authorities for neglecting to immediately investigate missing Indigenous people and urges them to "not treat me as the Indigenous person I am proud to be," if she were to be reported missing. Indigenous artist Neal Shannacappo provides the artwork for the book. Through his illustrations he imagines a situation in which a young Indigenous woman does disappear, portraying the reaction of her community, her friends, the police and media. An author's note at the end of the book provides context for young readers about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada.

Image: Remember. Deflect. Demand. Action. MMIWG2ST #RedDressDay

Definition for MMIWG2S+ acronym: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Two-Spirit, Transgender, and Gender-Diverse+ Peoples. MMIWG2S+ is a national crisis that impacts the lives of innumerable Indigenous women, girls, two-spirit, transgender, and gender-diverse+ peoples. As a Canadian youth, you can become an advocate for change and take action to eradicate this humanitarian crisis. First and foremost, it’s critical to acknowledge that the MMIWG2S+ crisis is a human rights problem requiring an immediate response. As a young person who cares about justice and equality, you have a role in increasing awareness of the problem, pushing for legislative reforms, and supporting Indigenous-led projects that address the ongoing crisis. By amplifying the voices of those individuals affected the most, you can help draw more attention and action to this urgent issue. (

Missing Nimâmâ

Missing Nimâmâ is a story of love, loss, and acceptance, showing the human side of a national tragedy.